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Thanks for checking in.  I’ve just released my second full length solo record, Rearranging Furniture.  Head on over and check it out.  Hey, listening don’t cost nuthn’.  Give her a spin!

I’ll be performing June 21st at the American Museum of Folk Art at 6:00 as part of their Free Music Fridays series.  The museum is a wonderful sounding space and I do hope you come by to start of the Summer Solstice with me.  I’ll be the guy in the back trying to balance eggs.

I want to be your friend!  So, head on over to Facebook.com/scottfdennis and become one or mosey on over to twitter.com/scottfdennis and follow.  These sites are a surefire way to keep up with me.  As well, tell me about yourself.  I’d love to hear from ya.

You can also get yourself a copy of Songs from the Homestead, my debut of Americana glory.

Dig radio?  Then get on over to Brooklyn Country Radio where yours truly hosts and interviews some of NYC’s best country and folk performers.

Finally, saddle up and get on out to a Dirt Floor Revue show.  We put on one of the darn best live Honky Tonk shows this side of the Hudson.  Get your dancn’ shoes because you are going to be kicking up some dust from the floor.

Now you make sure to head on back here real soon.  I’m going to be fixing this place up and you have an open invitation to come on by.

Rock on!

Freight Train Boogie Playlist

Bill Frater is a legend.  He is true supporter and promoter of country, Americana, folk and rock and roll for the well known established performers and the up and coming independents.  His podcast mixes it all up in outstanding podcast, Freight Train Boogie.  So, it is always a thrill to see myself a part of of one of his playlists.  Ada from Rearranging Furniture made is to #212!  Check it out.

New Dylan! At least for me…

I got to listening to Dylan on his 72nd birthday and since then Oh Mercy has been in constant play. I never got around to listening to this disc as it is sandwiched between some of Dylans absolute worst releases (Traveling Willburys aside). Let’s face it, Dylan and the Dead is like putting mayonnaise on your morning egg sandwich, it’s a weird choice that is only enjoyed by a few eccentrics. So, it’s great to ‘discover’ Oh Mercy. I enjoy listening to some fresh Dylan that is really good. Give it a spin.Dylan_Oh_Mercy_front

Kicking with the Kinks

The Kinks had so many lives.  I actually was turned on to them through their 80’s material like Predictable and Come Dancing before Lola and You Really Got Me.  Gosh, those are good songs. Uh, so who cares, Scott.  Well I do!  I can’t understand how most folks don’t hold this band in the same esteem as the rock and rollers of their generation, like The Who. Anyways, I’ve been digging into Muswell Hillbillies.  It’s a great collection of well written songs with a wonderful dry production.  Give it a spin.  And then again.  Once more.  Now you get it.  It takes a bit to sink in but when it does it sticks.


BrooklynCountry.com reviews Rearranging Furniture


, the leading NYC country blog, reviews Rearranging Furniture.
“Dennis’ latest release, Rearranging Furniture, showcases his formidable song-writing chops as well as his gritty guitar playing and technical prowess.”
Check it out!

See you all this tonight (5/8/13) at The Rock Shop.  I’ll be drumming with the mighty Haggard Kings.

Haggard Kings this Thurs.

1360117361_CSC_0590_1_I’ll be rip roaring it up with the Haggard Kings this Thursday at the Rock Shop.  These guys are dynamite veteran players of the Brooklyn Country scene.  It is a thrill to be part of the act with these kids, and gosh, I love playing them drums.  Also on the bill are Paper Bird and Dana Falconberry.   Come on down for a great night of music. 

Need convincing?  Check out the Haggard Kings on Brooklyn Country Radio.